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About Us


Company Overview

TheraXyte BioScience is an innovation-motivated biotechnology company focusing on extracellular vesicle (EV)-mediated drug delivery and EV-based novel therapeutics. The goal of TheraXyte is establishing an EV-based drug delivery platform with multifunctionality that could fulfill the upcoming challenges of various therapeutic applications, driving EV research from lab bench to bedside, and making positive impacts on human health by overcoming the unsolved challenges with novel EV-based therapeutics.

TheraXyte has developed an EV-based drug delivery platform, named TAXY® and upgraded continuously since its establishment, which could enable the mass production of modifiable EVs at GMP manufacturing level, has the capability of effectively payload packaging and target organs/cells of interest where payload drug molecules/active biological molecules could be effectively released as therapeutics. The EV-based therapeutics surpass polypeptide and nucleic acid-based therapies potentially based on its advantages including: (1) natural biological origins and low immunogenicity, (2) ability to reach the regions that currently inaccessible (eg., overcome the blood-brain barrier), (3) flexible and modifiable EV composition and the subsequent multifunctionality, as well as other advantages that may be suitable for specific applications. 

Enabled by the TAXY® delivery platform, and by keep developing and upgrading the novel technologies, we are looking forward to bringing benefits to the patients in need and ultimately improving human health in the coming future.

  • 2019Year

    TheraXyte started in 2019

  • 34+

    Over 30 intellectual property and certificates

  • 10Million

    Over 10 million USD PreA funding

  • 1,000m2

    Over 1,000 m2 GMP-level facility

Company Overview